Sutor Group, Be A Serious Fine Finished Steel Expert

Post Date: 2017-09-29

Industrial competition is an endless knockout or repeated reshuffle. While for Sutor Group, competition is not peer companies’ contest, but a long-term test for itself.

Serious about good quality. In Sutor, no product can be transported out without professionally tests. Each intelligent factory is equipped with independent testing stations and professional precision testing equipment to test on each coil and market with separate label then. In addition to independent testing, the Company will also carry on third-party test from time to time. It is this strict requirements on itself, Sutor Group was awarded with brand-name products in Jiangsu Province and top ten famous brand title, and also high brand awareness at home and abroad.

Serious about good innovation. To meet the needs of product innovation and technology upgrades, Sutor Group successfully founded a post-doctoral innovation practice base, and becoming the only foreign R & D institutions in Jiangsu Province. Through the efforts and exploration, it is now a technical center of high-end product development, energy-saving technology research, product marketing, user technical support in one. At present, Sutor Group has received more than 60 patents of high-tech products.

Serious about good service. Sutor Group has built and improved a service model of research and development, production, processing, warehousing, logistics, distribution as one. With the cloud of intelligent ideas applied to the production and management, the Company improved the convenience of management and greatly enhanced customers’ one-stop experience.

It is strict requirement on itself that helped the Company focus on fine steel industry and achieved remarkable achievements, which is Sutor Group’s secret for being the lead for 20 years in fine finished steel industry.